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Husi the Cockerpoo 

This is the tale of Husi the Cockerpoo who got himself into a sticky set of circumstances when he was hit by not one, but two cars.  As a result, Husi had to be castrated, a small price to pay since he thankfully lives to tell the tale.

A four and a half year old, black bundle of playfulness, his owners describe Husi as ‘loving and extremely cuddly’.  He joined their family from puppyhood and since, has become the loving family pet they’d hoped for, providing the perfect bouncy play-mate for the children too. So when Husi went missing from the family home, they were fraught with worry.  Unlike Husi to go AWOL, his family can only assume he was spooked by something, perhaps the bin lorries, perhaps a loud noise; when the family realised he wasn’t in the home, their search commenced.  Their daughter heard a sound like a car crash and could only hope that it was coincidental.  Unfortunately it looks as if it might not have been, and was perhaps when Husi was hit for the first time.  Likely confused and dazed, Husi was then hit by a second car.  Three caring young ladies saw the accident and followed Husi until they were able to catch him, bundling him into their car.  Quick thinking, they took him straight to the out of hours vets where he was checked over, given pain relief and scanned for a microchip.  Thankfully he was indeed microchipped and his owners could be contacted, much to their relief. 

When Husi came to us at Paws Vets and was examined by our vet Maryanne, it was clear that he had been struck once towards the front of his body as there was some damage to his teeth, his eyes were bruised and he had abrasions on his chest.  The second blow must’ve caught him from the other end as Husi had extensive damage to his testicles, his hind legs were swollen and he had a pronounced limp. Miraculously Husi didn’t appear to have any internal bleeding or broken bones, his biggest problem seemed to be whether permanent damage had been done to his testicles.  There was still the question as to whether his ‘man-hood’ would survive the trauma.  His owners said that:

“Maryanne was understanding, waiting to give Husi the chance to heal, not being forceful to operate”

However two days later, upon re-examination, Husi’s owners and Maryanne agreed that one testicle had swollen further and that he was in a great deal of discomfort still. So the best thing to do was to castrate him. On the day of the surgery Husi was a pleasure to have at the practice. The whole team thought he was “adorably cute” and Maryanne says that “everyone on the team loved him”.  Prior to the surgery Husi was given a pre-medication to calm him and provide pain relief.  We also put some local anaesthetic into the testicles as a further pain-preventing technique to ensure Husi had a smooth anaesthetic and recovery. During the procedure it was clear that the right decision had been taken as the testicle had ruptured.  It was also an opportunity to clean up the abrasions on Husi’s chest without distressing him as he was anaesthetised. Husi was cared for by our dedicated team for the day and they ensured that was comfortable and calm.

Husi was rather shaken up by his ordeal, following his owners everywhere in the house, acting worried and afraid.  He recovered from the surgery well and as time goes on he is settling down, becoming calmer, less jumpy and more like the happy, playful chap he always was.  Maryanne says that at his three-day post operative check “he was like a new dog!”.  The whole team were delighted to have been able to help Husi and that he is on the mend.  Was Husi one extremely unlucky little dog to be hit by two cars?  Or was he extremely lucky to escape with his life, and his body (mostly) in tact?  Whichever way you look at it, Husi’s owners are enormously relieved to have their cuddle-monster home safe and sound, and back to his usual, playful antics.  They feel that he was “so lucky” and are thankful to the young ladies who took him to the vets and for the veterinary care they received that helped him return to health. 

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