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If love alone could have made you stay

You would have stayed forever.

Our darling, darling little man, you are missed so very much. We were so blessed to have you in our lives but it was for too brief a time. Not for one minute did we expect the devastating news that we got on that traumatic day. How could our lovely, cute, cheeky and lively fur baby become so devastatingly ill so quickly.

I am so glad that I have got zillions of photos of you as well as some videos but if I could pluck you out of them and still have you here with us, I would do it in a heartbeat.

You brought us so much joy and love and right from the start you were a mummy’s boy. I will always feel so privileged that you trusted, loved and cared for me as much as I did you.

This still seems so unreal, you had never been ill but within two weeks we had to make the heart-breaking decision to let you go. It was the hardest thing for us but the kindest thing for you, it was not fair for you to suffer.

Our darling, darling Biscuit you are missed every day, we miss:-

  • Seeing your little face.
  • Your cute little ways.
  • Your funny little escapades.
  • The games we used to play, fetch, hitting a ball of paper back and forth, hide and seek and the games you played on your own with all your toys.

I miss:-

  • Our snuggles, you were such a good snuggler.
  • Your kisses, even though they hurt a bit.
  • That tap on my face in the morning that meant that you wanted me to get up.
  • The love and the bond that we had.
  • I miss how you would come running up to me when I came back home after a few days away.
  • I will miss my little decorator’s mate, even if all you did was to sleep on the ladder or sit on the wallpaper on the table.
  • I miss my little shadow, my bath times are very lonely now.
  • And I am definitely missing my little shielding companion.

But most of all our little darling – WE MISS YOU.

And now you are back home and have pride of place next to where we used to snuggle, which is no less than you deserve. And when it is my turn, you will be laid on my chest so that we can resume our snuggles that will last forevermore.

R.I.P our darling Biscuit.

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