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Remembrance Page For Special Friends 

This page is dedicated to the memory of the pets that have touched your hearts.  Please feel free to email us a dedication along with a picture and we will post it here for you.




Thanx to Aimee for looking after Cougar for most of his life - although

he was a big cat - he was the most gentle and timid 'big boy' and 

would not hurt a fly.  He passed on Remembrance day so suddenly

and I was devastated and in shock for 2 weeks or more... Thanx to

the sensitivity and empathy from Aimee and the staff of Paws - the

procedural stuff was relatively easy.  Thanx again




Thank you to everyone at Paws vets most especially Aimee, who looked after Eddie over the years with his many many ailments.

He was such a handsome little man and such a character and we are so glad that we rescued him all those years ago.

He might have cost a fortune but he was worth the absolute world xxxx

Tia and Domino


Hi Maryanne

Grahame and I would just like to take this opportunityto thank you, Amy and all cuurent and previous staff members for looking after both Tia and Domino over the last 6 years.

They are both back together again at home with us and have provided us with wonderful memories





In loving memory of my best girl, Luna.

She only ever did two things wrong; eat the cat’s food and grow old. I will miss her everyday but consider myself the luckiest person in the world to have loved her and for her to have loved me back.

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”


I would like to thank you all once again for looking after Charlie.

A special thank you to Aimee for all her help these past months.

I miss him!


Just to say a huge thank you for all your support to Bertie and Hannah. Bertie was a wonderful dog and we all loved him dearly. It was a privilege to have had him for 12 years. Thank you for all your effort and wishes of kindness



Toby - The Labrador that never grew up. 8th March 2011 - 1st August 2019. 
“If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever"












Beautiful Kyra of Little Totham.  
Loved by all.
“We will never forget you”
Dec 2009 - April 2019 





RascalWe have buried him in the garden and plan to plant a holly bush called 'Little Rascal' with him,  I think it would be lovely to remember Rascal




SunnySunny was a lovely dog who we got when he was only 3 weeks old and he lives with us ever since he was a lovely playful dog right up until his time was up he would always lay there with his tongue hanging out witch he did ever when he was put to sleep his memory will always live on with us and we do have some amazing memorys of him he loved the hose pip when the garden was being washed down witch we miss him not being there he was the kindest sweetist dog you could ever meet he has left behind his bestfriend titch who is a Jack Russel who we know missing him dearly I just hope he is resting up there running free from any pain and living life to the full RIP SUN DOG

Conan (nickname Fat boy)

ConanWe would like to thank you for all your efforts with trying to save our Fat boy he was such a gentle giant and made an impact on every one that ever met him.

He had such a funny personality and so laid back. We miss him dearly and are all heartbroken but the memories we have will always be with us.



RubyIn remembrance of Ruby, a very special friend.

She will be dearly missed.


Our Loving Loyal Little Jessie

Jessie CarterDear Maryanne

Thank you for all your care of and love for Jessie during her long and happy life.

She did not like her vet visits but she always took her head out of the corner for her special little treats from you however bad she was feeling.

Your compassion and gentle manner when the time came to say goodbye to our loving, loyal little mate was greatly appreciated by us both.

Thank you so much for your lovely card and the Forget Me Not seeds - so appropriate.

Again, our thanks to you and all the team.

Janine Carter & David James


SammyDear Maryanne, we just wanted to say a few words after sadly having to say goodbye to our Sammy last Tuesday. Firstly thank you so much for the lovely card and thoughtful words. They were of great comfort at such a hard time. The decision to let Sammy go was so hard but we truly felt it was time. Sammy had had such a good life and that we are truly thankful for. he is missed so much and our house just doesn’t seem the same without him here. Thank you to all at Paws, you helped us so much over the last few years as he got older and were amazing when it came to saying goodbye showing so much understanding and compassion at such a sad day time. 

From Alan and Lisa Sargent, our boys and our other dog Hollie xx 

Sammy loved the snow and would turn into a young pup again whenever it snowed.

Ellie and Acer two special rascals but such special friends

BrambleThank you so much you have done not just for Ellie but all our dogs. Ellie's passing was made so much easier by you most kindness and sympathy and in particular, your card and the forget-me-not seeds that we will plant in pride of place in the garden. May we take you up on your kind offer of the inclusion of Ellie on your Remembrance Page for Special Friends.

However, may we be a bit a bit cheeky. Ellie's whole life pal was Acer, my daughter's (Nicky) collie. Acer was also one of your patients and you also helped him from his sufferings some 18 months ago also here at home.   The two rascals were such good pals - Elle always chasing Acer on the "Wick" when they were both in their hay day. Our photo includes both of them and is our best picture of them both together. Could we ask if both could be included as they were each others "Special Friends" and very much both our very "Special Friends" as well.

Once again thank you so much for all your help and we know our other two "Special Friends" Lulu and Spencer will always been in such good hands if needed.


Many thanks for your kind thoughts and card you sent. She will be greatly missed by all. 

Please find photo to use in your remembrance page. 

This was taken of her after visiting your salon  


In remembrance of our cute little bunny Brambles



Our dear Dolly



Our Special Jessie, such a goodnatured dear little dog.



Thank you for the card and I would like to thank the staff at the 
willows practice for their patience, care and compassion they showed 
when i brought Daisy in.
They took such good care of Daisy and myself when she came to be put to rest.
She was a very special part of my family and will be greatly missed.
She was a very special little old lady



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